School during Covid-19 will be hard for kids and parents.

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

This is a confusing time for parents and for students of all ages and grades! In this newsletter, I hope to help you understand the complexities of what kids and adults are negotiating emotionally, to help you better cope with your own and your child’s emotional experience.

Kids are VERY stressed and anxious about going back to school, but not all for the same reasons.

Most kids are experiencing a little of all of these feelings which will make going to make going back to school emotionally complex, requiring patience and understanding from adults. For those kids that will be home for some or all the time, structure and accountability on virtual days, is as important as for the days a student goes into the school building.

It is also in your child’s best interest to keep complaints and criticisms away from kids. It is unlikely that any school/district will administer this school year with no bumps or problems However, hearing these will make it much harder for your child to get the most out of school, to engage with teachers and to enjoy school. Hearing negative conversation about school will force a child to take sides (school or parent) and this conflict will be stressful.

Adults are also struggling with the transition of back to school — for several reasons.

These are not normal times, so be patient with yourself too! Take care of yourself, so you have the emotional energy to care for you child as we move into this new school year.



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Susan Bartell

Dr. Susan Bartell is a nationally recognized psychologist, consultant, speaker and author in suburban New York.